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Substance Abuse And Depression

Substance Abuse and Depression

What is Substance Abuse? (nutshell)

When you take drugs in an illegal way it is known as Substance Abuse. It is also commonly known as drug abuse. People normally abuse substances like alcohol, tobacco and various other drugs for multiple reasons and this takes a big toll on society. It is generally a form of substance related disorder. Substance abuse can normally affect your judgement, perception and attention in a very bad way. Substance abuse differs very much from addiction because it is generally possible to quit or change the behavior unlike addiction.

Although use of drugs like Cocaine has declined, the use of other drugs like heroin, MDMA and several other party drugs have increased tremendously. It is more likely to be found in age groups between 18-25, with higher likelihood in men compared to women, and urban residents compared to the rural peers. There are two predominant theories that explain the cause of drug abuse:

  1. It is either a genetic disposition which is learned from others
  2. It is a habit which if addiction develops, manifests itself as a chronic weakening disease.

Recent studies have made it clear that effective drug education and prevention aimed at children especially before age 18 and adolescents offers the best chance to curb substance abuse. Many legal and illegal drugs have chemicals that can change how your body and mind can work together.

Take a look at this chart showing the assessment of physical harm caused by substance abuse

Substance Abuse


Common Symptoms

Depending on the compound, drug abuse can vary. From creating social and health problems, it can also lead to unprotected sex, automobile accidents, suicides and physical abuse. It can also pave way for addiction. Here are some of the common symptoms of drug abuse you may experience.

  1. Sudden change in behavior – You can notice a sudden change in behavior or something seems suspicious
  2. Mood swings – You can experience varied mood swings ranging from paranoia to self anger
  3. Lack of judgment – You can experience lack of perception and judgement
  4. Changes in social groups – You can experience sudden changes in personal and professional relationships
  5. Financial changes – You can start experiences changes in personal finances, tending for more borrowing and stealing behavior
  6. Reality check – Everything seems to be depersonalized for you, you don’t find much happiness in things around you.


Common Drugs for Substance Abuse

  1. Alcohol
  2. MDMA
  3. Heroin
  4. Cocaine
  5. Cannabis
  6. Juul
  7. Cigarrates
  8. Tobacco
  9. LSD
  10. Solvent drugs
  11. Barbiturates
  12. Methadone

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