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Is Depression Genetic?

Is Depression Genetic?

Depression is known as a mood disorder. It is explained as anger, loss, sadness, and feelings that put hurdles on the routine activities of the person. Depression is a highly complicated disorder. Many people wonder, is depression genetic? Actually depression occurs for a variety of reasons and no doctor can describe all its causes.

Some people have this problem due to serious medical problems or health disorders, few people experience depression with a variety of life changes like someone’s death or moving from their loving area, while a few people have depression because they have this disorder in their family history.

Isolation in Depression

The majority of the people show loneliness and sadness for no reason. They stop taking an interest in their life activities, they want to live alone and they actually do not know how to make friends because they lack confidence because they think they cannot make friends. The person starts to feel that no one can understand their feeling declared them wrong.

A psychiatrist or counselor will definitely help them to build up their confidence and help them to express their feelings to the one whom they believe and want to express their feeling to that person. It is maybe a slow process but it is definitely an effective process. It will greatly help them to come to life and start their normal life as they want to spend their life.

Important Causes of Depression

Below are some of the important causes of depression

Abuse: Past emotional, sexual and physical abuse increases the vulnerability to clinical depression in their life later.

Medication: Some medications have some side effects and it leads to a depressed person. Some medicines like isotretinoin that is common for acne treatment, corticosteroids, and others enhance the risk of depression in the patient.

Conflict: Due to the biological vulnerability to build depression, it results in disputes or conflicts with friends or family members.

Loss or Death: Grief or sadness due to the financial loss, loss of loved one, death, or others increases depression risk.

Genetic: A family history of this disorder means it is a genetic disorder. A dominant gene of depression causes genetic depression. There are different genes on your chromosomes and it exerts small effects. Not only, are depression, in some people or families, other psyche disorders such as cystic fibrosis, Huntington’s Chorea and others related to their genetic. In some cases, the environment plays a role in making people depressed.

Is Genetic Depression Curable?

It can be treated with psychotherapy, medication and with both. It takes some time to takes the measures regarding the disorder. For every person, the treatment plan can be different because of the conditions. A person must have patience if he or she is diagnosed with depression.

You can treat depression with the help of healthy communication with the patients. Do not make them isolated and force them to express their feelings. The majority of the people prefer to use herbs, vitamins, spa, medication, and other psychotherapies to treat it. Meditation is the right way to reverse depression.

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