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Ariana Grande On Depression

Ariana Grande on Depression

Ariana Grande is depressed. Ariana Grande’s depression has hit an all time high.

Ariana Grande is such a beautiful person, she is so sweet and kind and it is really sad what is happening to her. She has been through very difficult moments in the last few years and deal with such tragedies. Some people close to her gave clouds that she was having very tough problems with what seems to be a difficult depression. But recently it was confirmed that Ariana Grande is dealing with severe depression. 

To try to understand why she is having this depression problems we have to go back a few years ago. This depression problem began because of the tragedy that happened in her concert at Manchester in 2017. Ariana Grande made a concert in Manchester at the Manchester Arena on May 22nd, it was a sold out event. There were more than 18.000 persons in the concert and around midnight happened the unimaginable, a man did a suicide attack with an explosive, taking his live and killing 22 people and more than 100 injured. While all of this was going on Ariana didn’t know what was exactly happening and most didn’t know anyone there it was chaos. After this tragic terrorist attack, Ariana Grande with her managers cancel the rest of the tour, but they took back the tour at Paris in June.

This was such a tragedy for Ariana Grande and all the people in that concert. She was very shock and concern about all this situation and she even visited so many of the injured at the hospitals. Because of her good will she was named as Manchester citizen of honor. After this difficult situation she set up a benefit concert to help all the people that suffered this terrible terrorism attack.

The benefit concert was named One Love Manchester and it was on June 4th, 2017. Ariana Grande managed to gather incredible artists as: 

Robbie Williams, Miley Cyrus, Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Coldplay and more. In this concert they collected over $10 million.

Ariana Grande did not talked very much about this after it, but in 2018 she revealed for the first time that she wasn’t able to recover from that sad tragedy, every time she was going to get up on a stage she had this feeling and she got nervous and she said “I don’t think I will be able to talk about this and not cry”. 


Ariana Grande Depression


Death of Mac Miller

As Ariana Grande was trying to continue with her life and dealing with her problems and back at September 2018 she was overwhelmed by another tragedy. Her ex boyfriend Mac Miller died. 

This notice really turn her down, even some persons close to Ariana said that because of this she broke up with her boyfriend back then Pet Davidson. It was really hard for her to deal with this unfortunately notice. They were together for almost 2 years. His death was considered an overdose at first but after the police investigation it was clear that he had taken some drugs and this drugs had some different things like fentanyl and ethanol which it caused his death.

She dedicated a part of a song to him, the song is Thanks u, next. In the beginning of the song she mentioned him.

Lately it was known that Ariana Grande was still struggling with her depression and recently at Belgium she had to cancel a meeting up with her fans because she had an anxiety and depression attack. It was very difficult for her to do it because she always enjoy so much of her fans but her depression problem has been tougher in the last few months. She apologized to all her fans via social media and she told everything about it.

She shared on her social media accounts that she suffered a couple of attacks that day before the concert and she with her manager decided the best was she cancelled the meet up and focus on the concert since she wasn’t in her 100%.

Ariana Grande was very honest in this last messages, showing how vulnerable she is in this moments and besides being a pop world star she is suffering from anxiety and depression and that is not easy to handle. 

If you take a look at her accounts you will see all the incredible messages she is receiving from her fans, it is really inspiring a moving all the support she is receiving in these difficult moments and she truly needs it. Hopefully she will recover very soon from this depression.

During early September, Ariana Grande has reportedly said that her depression and anxiety have lately been at an “all-time high”, explaining that she had to cancel a recent meet and greet after experiencing a bout of panic attacks. 

“Hi my loves. Time for some honesty. My anxiety and depression have been at an all-time high lately. I have been giving you all I’ve got and trying to push through as hard as I can to mask it,” the 26-year-old Ariana Grande wrote on Instagram.

Ariana Grande added, “I wish I could control these attacks, but as anyone with anxiety or depression understands, sometimes you can only operate on its terms and not your own.”

We hope she feels better with time.



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