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Alastair Campbell On Depression (WITH TIMELINE)

Alastair Campbell on Depression (WITH TIMELINE)

Alastair Campbell on depression.

Alastair Campbell was born in 1957 in West Riding of Yorkshire. He went to different schools and after university, his first journalism job was with Mirror Group Newspapers. After his first successful article, he was given the chance to write many other pieces which eventually led to more chances. He joined a training program that eventually led to getting his column. However, it wasn’t until 1981 that he wrote his first big news article for the papers. (Alastair Campbell depression)


Alastair moved to the Daily Mirror in 1982 and it is while there that he became a political correspondent. He stayed with the daily mirror for four years then he moved to Today in 1986. He worked there and as an editor but during that time he started noticing changes in his mood and behavior. Those were the first signs of depression but he didn’t know that at the time. This led to one of the incidents that saw him arrested and eventually taken to hospital. He admitted to being an alcoholic to the psychiatrist then he stopped drinking. He eventually started seeing a family doctor who gave him a treatment plan.


In 1994, Alastair Campbell left Today to join Tony Blair who had just been elected as Leader of the Labor Party. He divulged his alcoholism to Tony Blair but he was given the press secretary position because they didn’t believe that his condition was problematic. He was added other responsibilities which he carried out exceptionally well. This made him irreplaceable and at the same time hated by other people in the news industry.


After the Labor Party won the elections in 1997, he was given the position as the chief of press secretary in the office of the Prime Minister. He again served well in that position, even making some major changes regarding the distribution of news in that office. While still working in that position, a documentary about how he operated media was made but this resulted in Campbell attacking the media. He accused them of “being obsessed” with his life.


Alastair Campbell Depression


In 2000 Alastair Blair was promoted while he was still working with the Labor Party. He was given the position of Communications Director and was also appointed as the spokesperson of the party. He played a major role in the election campaign of Tony Blair in 2001 but in 2003 he resigned. He remained a close friend of Blair and even assisted in his 2005 campaign.

After his resignation, Campbell worked with The Times then in 2006 he joined the Rest of The World to participate in Soccer Aid. In 2008, he revealed his struggle with depression in a documentary that exposed his vulnerable side.

He admitted that in 1986 he was treated for “psychotic breakdown” but he has never been diagnosed with a specific type of depression. He has, however, been tested for bipolar disorder but there hasn’t been any sufficient proof that he has it. He further explained that even though he gets different episodes of depression, he doesn’t lose control of the way most bipolar patients do.


Alastair Campbell has remained a public figure and his documentary about living with depression has made him a role model to many who can relate to the struggles he reveals in the documentary. He’s still seeing the same therapist he started seeing 13 years ago.


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